CELL PHONE:_______________________ALTERNATE PHONE:____________________________

I.  TERM:   From:___________________________  To:________________________________________

II.  RENT:  $130/day + tax(state sales tax and Gulf County Bed tax) per day.  50% DUE UPON BOOKING.

 Number of Days:______________ X $130.00 + taxes =__________________

III. REFUND POLICY:  Full refund if cancelled within 14 days of arrival or earlier.  0% refund if cancelled after.


1.  QUIET TIME:  10:00pm- 6:00am  Excessive noise complaints may result in eviction without refund.

2.  PETS ARE WELCOME:  Pets are also welcome on the beach.  Please be sure to pick up after your pets on the beach/campsite and dispose of the (bagged) waste in the provided trash can.  This ensures that Gulf County beaches stay pet friendly.  Please also keep the campsite clean and dispose of all garbage in the same receptacle.

I have read the Escape to the Cape RV Rental Agreement and agree that my group will observe these rules and policies during our stay.  It is understood that Escape to the Cape RV assumes no responsibility whatsoever for private property left on our site and that Escape to the Cape RV is hereby expressly released and discharged from any and all liability for any loss, injury or damage to person or property which may be sustained during the term of this agreement.

Tenant Signature:____________________________________ Date:___________________________